September 2022

Mark Rush - St. John Ridge, Pacific Crest Trail

Landscapes & More

Mark Rush: “Overall the finished work should provide the observer with a feeling of being there and me sharing that experience with them”

Robert George - Expression


Artist Robert George was a teacher, mentor and always an innovator.


CCMA’s annual AIR (Artist Inventory Reduction) Sale.

Mirage - Sumi Foley


CCMA’s Artist Member Exhibit

Orange Iris - Walag

PHO·TANICA – Florals, painted with the camera

It’s sometimes said that artists are “gifted.” I believe this means that artists receive gifts from the Muse.

E. H. Tucker - LA Park Scene

California Style

Whether a vibrant California landscape, a stylized
portrait or the subtlety of a quiet scene, these works exemplify our

Artist: Sally Santana - Artwork: She not Me

Sally Santana-Rodrigues

Art can be described as the whispers we hear at night, or the fine print between the lines of something larger.