October 2022

Betty Davenport Ford - Grazing Gazelle With Four Birds

Betty Davenport Ford – 2010 Artist of the Year

Like so many other Pomona Valley artists, Ford benefited from mentorship by Millard Sheets. In 1954 he organized an exhibition at the LA County Fair, The Arts of Daily Living, which featured her work. This recognition helped launch her career.

Ester Bruton Gilman - Moutain

Then & Now: Women Artists of the Pomona Valley

By the 1940s, three Pomona Valley arts institutions were active, creating a synergistic nexus which permitted women artists’ talent and ambition to learn, live and thrive in the region. The art education available at Scripps College and the Claremont Graduate School attracted talented women from around the country. The jobs at the Millard Sheets Studio and surrounding colleges permitted some of these Scripps graduates to settle into the community.