Nancy De Diemar

Mark Rush - St. John Ridge, Pacific Crest Trail

Landscapes & More

Mark Rush: “Overall the finished work should provide the observer with a feeling of being there and me sharing that experience with them”

Robert George - Expression


Artist Robert George was a teacher, mentor and always an innovator.


CCMA’s annual AIR (Artist Inventory Reduction) Sale.

Mirage - Sumi Foley


CCMA’s Artist Member Exhibit

Orange Iris - Walag

PHO·TANICA – Florals, painted with the camera

It’s sometimes said that artists are “gifted.” I believe this means that artists receive gifts from the Muse.

E. H. Tucker - LA Park Scene

California Style

Whether a vibrant California landscape, a stylized
portrait or the subtlety of a quiet scene, these works exemplify our

Artist: Sally Santana - Artwork: She not Me

Sally Santana-Rodrigues

Art can be described as the whispers we hear at night, or the fine print between the lines of something larger.

Euclid Avenue by Robert Lyn Nelson

Artist Robert Lyn Nelson Exhibits in Ontario, California

Mr. Nelson exhibited his paintings at the Chaffey Community Museum of Art from January 13, 2022 to March 19, 2022.

Museum Building History

Since early 2013 CCMA’s location has been the historic Ontario Power Company Building.

Sun and Clouds beyond an airplane's wing

Your Art At The Airport

Display your art at the Ontario Airport.