CCMA Prize Recipients

2013 Recipients of the Purchase Prize of Contemporary Art

CCMA's 2013 member exhibit, Salute!, presented 93 works of art from 40 participating members. From these the Trustees of the Permanent Collection selected two -- a painting and a sculpture -- for purchase and to become part of CCMA's Permanent Collection. This exhibits renews the Purchase Prize Art Exhibition of Contemporary Art that began in 1941, the year of CCMA's founding, and continued until 1963.

Gina Lawson Egan

2013 Purchase Prize for Sculpture: Cyclone
Gina Lawson Egan is a ceramic artist whose work in clay figures evokes ancient American art. Using the human head and female figure, the artist communicates inspirational themes – love and companionship; growth and death; balance and the passage of time.

By incorporating the dramatic acts of nature such as cyclone, hurricane and tsunami, the artist’s figures balance a placid countenance on one side and elements of life behind. Her palette is largely based on soothing earth tones and often meant to teach a lesson or tell a story. Her sculptures often include a bit of playfulness to surprise and delight the observer.

Gina prefers the process of coil and slab building. Her pieces begin with a face and become more expressive and narrative with the addition of figures, animals and other components. To build a surface patina, she uses a combination of slips, washes and glazes.

Gina earned a BFA from the University of Michigan and an MFA from the Claremont Graduate University. She teaches ceramics at Cal Poly Pomona and lives in Ontario with her husband John who is a painter.


Helen Hayes

2013 Purchase Prize for Painting: Story Teller
Artist Helen Hayes creates mood-evoking figurative paintings on a synthetic paper called Yupo that has a plasticized surface. This allows the artist to move and blend paint in unusual ways. Working with very wet watercolor pigments, the artist allows the shapes and textures to evolve.

The main shapes the artist employs are figures which are both the largest shapes in the compositions and the only representational part. The remaining forms are abstracts and background to help establish the mood and mystery. This ambiguity allows viewers to be drawn into the work and determine their own ideas about the relationships and concepts conveyed by the artist.

Following her graduation from Ball State University, Helen pursued a career in art education. She helped develop California Art Standards and assisted other art instructors to increase their proficiency in teaching art standards. Her paintings are frequently displayed throughout the region, including CCMA’s 2012 exhibit On Creativity.

Story Teller

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