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First Artist – October 2022

October 1 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


First Artist Group

FIRST ARTIST gatherings connect artists, their artwork and colleagues within a lively community forum. Artwork is shared and discussed by peers. We have created a venue for broad understanding of the value of arts. It sheds light on the art process and philosophies of artists of the region, enabling artists with direct feedback on their creations.

  • First Artist Gas MaskArtists of the region attend monthly Zoom gatherings to share artwork and engage in dialogue. They discuss what they see, how they feel and where they’re going.
  • Presenters are artists who share their craft and philosophy during the gatherings and are be afforded up to 30 minutes for the reveal, self-interpretation and queries from First Artist peers.
  • Anyone with Zoom access is invited to participate.FIRST ARTIST — FIRST DAY EACH MONTH — 6:00 PM (Saturday dates start at 2:30 PM — January 1st is a holiday)

Comments by First Artists
Last night was marvelous!!! Really enjoy being able to see the artists and their work. Really liked Angela Lloyd’s work. JL
Thanks for another excellent hosting of our art gathering.

Some pretty amazing works, yes? I am an amateur. I paint representationally. I don’t create art with any grand vision or social impact. My art making is an experience for me, based on experiences I’ve had. Very narcissistic. I just like to make art and show it some place. I don’t care if it sells. I don’t even like to go to my own receptions. The artwork is the star. Not me. I’m just a messenger. CC
Re: Zoomtastic!
Loved the program last night. Glad that ceramicist got her presentation working. even after you jinxed it. 😉 Some really fascinating work. Keep up with these shows. SC
Thank you for the opportunity to share images yesterday,
It was a unique situation, to share my visual works with a group of producing artists.

The surprise-
(since we forget)
Was the process (what is the story?)
of my looking and reflection on past/current penchants
The selection a history of visual penchants and practice/play.

Showing the landscape of where I live was important,
And noticing a love of color, and Space, you mentioned “a purity”
I agree – Something simple.

Found colored pencils – an exploration in materials, paper, pencils, various forms of lead – hard and soft – summer and a picnic table,

A what material comes from a place? Bailing wire

When the photographer of /electric lines spoke – he mentioned the focus of seeing the lines all the time – that was how it was for me with the bailing wire = my gaze was on the fencing- noticing the lines, twists.

I enjoyed hearing participants’ reflections and questions,
I appreciated hearing everyone share and speak about their process and work.
Seeing Sumi- sharing the protector fox

The idea that came out of last night – sharing one piece – a treasure!

So rich.
Thank you for holding the space… AL
Last evening was another stellar opportunity to learn, share, be inspired…………….. MJW
Thank you so much for hosting tonight’s meeting, truly a fantastic variety of artists and talent displaying tonight! I really enjoyed the vibe and hearing about all the diversity in our local arts communities. It’s definitely a nice way to get out of my own head and still engage in the arts – by listening and learning from other creatives. I look forward to finding out about everyone’s exhibitions, especially since it’s a little easier to start visiting galleries and shows. I’m also interested in checking out the Artist Archive site and seeing what that’s about. I’ll be in touch again soon. Meanwhile, stay creative! LC


October 1
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
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