FIRST ARTIST Zoom session showing artwork

The November 1st FIRST ARTIST was a gathering of 15 participants.

MARCIA GEIGER presented two oil paintings. One, a narrative depicting two bighorn sheep seeking water. Marcia uses photography as a reference for her craft. Using Photoshop, she placed two rams within the composition, appropriating them from two separate bighorn photographs. Much of the FA dialogue revolved around her process. Likewise, a lot of “process” talk was generated during the presentation of her other painting, a nightscape. This one depicted a starlit scene with shadowy foliage in the foreground, a low profile home in the middle ground and twinkling lights of a small city butted up against the mountains in the background. Her paintings are crafted with a gentle touch. Surfaces seem like the skin on living entities.

As with Marcia Geiger, KERRY KUGELMAN’S artwork generated a lot of FA talk about his process. Kerry is an abstract painter. He uses acrylics and dyes on surfaces. His works are partially driven by the nature of the medium in that his pigments coat, reticulate and flow with control, as much control as one has with chaos.

In Attendance:
Gloria Cassidy
Momo Wu
Steve Thomas
Jerry Weems
Jenny Kane
Steve Cahill
Bob Markovich
Karen Karlsson
Ann Brantingham
Eveleen Samayoa
Kerry Kugelman
Rebecca Hamm
Marcia Geiger
Adeola Davies-Alyeloja
Chick Curtis
Steve Wallag

Comment: Thank you for inviting me to be a part of first artist. I confess that I had not watched any of the previous series but certainly plan to do so going forward. It’s a really nice format and having the numbers “small” makes for a more effective and controllable discussion. I’m glad that everybody seemed to have a good time, and I like learning more about Marcia‘s artwork too. KK

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