Art At The Airport

CCMA would like to thank the Ontario International Airport Authority for appointing the Chaffey Community Museum of Art (CCMA) to manage arts at the airport. They have given CCMA the responsibility of maintaining a rotating exhibit at the airport with both 2D and 3D art works to entertain travelers.

The program brings original visual art created by regional artists the two airport terminals, to be seen by more than 6 million passengers who use the airport annually.

If you live in the Inland Empire area and would like to exhibit your art at Ontario International Airport, please Click Here to  fill out the PDF or Online Application.

Veronica Aranda

May 19 - September 19, 2021

Artist Statement:

Because I need constant change in my everyday life, my work is a mix of abstraction and expression. The subjects of my paintings turn from form to formlessness as I express my thoughts and feelings with every brush stroke. Sometimes I deconstruct forms to give them new meaning in the eye of the beholder. My art reflects the ideas in my head while allowing the viewer to form his or her own interpretation.

Art is my therapy that heals and clears my head of any perplexities, concerns and confusion.

Artist Biography:
A native of Aguascalientes, Mexico, Veronica Aranda immigrated to Palm Springs, California at the age of seven. She began drawing and painting as a child to feel connected to the world. Although Veronica works primarily with oils and mixed media, she has explored other art modalities.

Andrew K. Thompson

May 19 - September 19, 2021

Artist Statement:
I print my digital photographs on canvas, then use fabric, thread and embroidery floss as textural elements to emphasize details within the image. The tactile surface and subtle undulations create a visual tension that rewards close inspection.

Mother’s Gate is a symbolic portrait – the first photographed in Lancaster, PA and the other in Riverside, California. New Jersey Clouds is an early example of my thread painting technique. San Bernardino Weed has been exhibited at the California Museum of Photography, an institution associated with the University of California at Riverside.

Artist Biography:
Andrew K. Thompson lives and works in Colton, California. He holds a BFA in Photography from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco; a certificate degree in art business from New York University, New York, and an MFA in Studio Art and Design from California State University at San Bernardino. He has exhibited at galleries through the United States and his images have been published in regional and national magazines. He is the co-founder of The Little Gallery of San Bernardino.

Instagram: @Andrew_K_Thompson