Spotlight Gallery

What It Is, Such As It Is
John Egan

Spotlight Gallery

March 2nd to April 16th, 2023

John Egan:
Living in Ontario, and thinking back onto the sage words of Tom Wesselmann, I make art that reflects my physical and emotional environment. I embrace the accidents and accept the nuances of the many materials I employ to make the art I currently create and exhibit. I like playing with language.

My work is haphazard in many ways and fashions but is not shoddy in its construction. I was heavily influenced by the west coast artists (boys’ club) of the Ferus Gallery. However, I have fallen more in style towards the ilk of George Herms, Bruce Conner, and Ed Kienholz. I make unlikely scenarios involving disparate materials and hand-hewn objects that reflect the impermanence of our culture and our planet.

Nothing lasts forever, and our current population of homo sapiens can only imagine the many treasures already lost to destruction either through our own species’ inclination of self-destruction, or the natural disasters fashioned by our Mother Earth.