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Cat and Other Mysteries

Cat and Other Mysteries

Cats are one of the mysterious beings around us and are often seen as our accustomed companions. Overly cute depictions of cats in pop culture diminish our deliberation of this species.

Steve to the Power of Three

Steve to the Power of Three

It was inevitable that the three Steves would get together to discuss photography in general, and their own approaches to the medium in particular. They entered the digital age together, transitioning from film to pixels, adjusting their styles to fit the new medium.

Gorman Bentley

Gorman Bentley:  Unseen

Being born different in a time and place and to parents for whom difference was not acceptable led Gorman to dream of a life where he could be seen and could belong.

Mrs. Alexander Travelling at a High Rate of Speed - Steven Long

Recent Acquisitions

Com see some of the recent acquisitions to our collection.

Kalm Koi - Nancy Sakurai

A Joyride of Colorful Feelings

Bright Color will always splash their emotions of enthusiasm and the eagerness of the moment. And I attempt to do so.

Rectilinear - Mark Rush

Artful Expressions

AAIE promotes the creative talent of its members, provides an exchange of ideas between area artists, and generates public interest in fine arts.