Artist Members

CCMA’s Artist Members live, work and create art in the local area. Artist members are eligible to exhibit in the Spotlight Gallery, participate in the annual Members Exhibit and link to their websites from CCMA’s website (indicated by the underline).

Museum visitors: Read the list of artists. If the name is underlined, click it. Browse the artist sites. You’ll probably find several artists whose work you really admire.

To become an artist member and see your name on this list, Click Here. If your name and/or the link to your website aren’t here after a week of membership, please email the webmaster with your name and website to let him know.

And a sincere “Thank You” to this year’s new Artist Members as well as our sustaining Artist Members who continued their membership despite the COVID-forced closure of the museum.

Teri Adams
Diana Ajuria
Sharon Algozer
Janet Arquillano

John Bagley Jr.
Laura Barnes
Jeni Bate
Colleen Biden
Lavina Blossom
Christine Bozar
Ann Brantingham
William Breer

Steven Cahill
Linda Caplette
Rick Caughman
Betty Cavanaugh
C.S. Champe
Judi Christensen
Judith Clouser
Dee Marcellus Cole
Judith Connelly
Sue Conner
Patricia Cooley
Martha Cowan
Judith Craig
Carolyn Cunningham
Chick Curtis

Robin DeNegri
Bob Dickson
Cynthia J. Dunlap

John Egan

Lynne Fearman
Helen Feller
Dace Felton
Sumi Foley
Alma J. Ford
Trish Franco
Dan Frembling

Gloria Gandara
Joyce Goff
Elana Goldheimer
Margaret Goodward
Karen Grace
Bobbie Twydell Greiner
Marti Gutierrez

Annick Haddad
John Hart
Helen Hayes
Felicia Hazelton
Brenda Hurst

Michiko Ikeda
Minoru Ikeda

Jeff James
Flora Johnson
Mike Johnson
Maria Junçaj

Karen Karlsson
Karen Kauffman
Keith Klingonsmith
Jacqueline Knell
Angela Koenig
Scott Krohne
Dr. Christina Kueng, Ed. D

Ginger Lai
Donna Larson
Ichen Le
Stevie Love

Susan Mach
Robyn MacNair
Sheila Mactal
Bob Markovich
Juan Antonio Martinez
Sharron McFerran
Sylvia Megerdichian
Veronica Michalowski
Lynn Mikami
Darla Miller

Tor Nerheim

Joe Pastor
Verinice Perez
Richard Perré

Larry D. Riggs
Janice Robinson
Barbara Rogoff
John Rowen
Armando Ruiz

Nancy Sakurai
Enrico Santi
Dee Small
Cynthia Smith
S.A. Smith
Gale Sorensen
Nancy Speaker
Paul Speaker
Rebecca Jo Steelman
Karen Stubbs
Vincent Suez
Alan Swartz

Steve Thomas
Genessi Torres

Kelly Vanderlan
Barry Vantiger

Jerry Weems
Mary Jo Werner
Larry White
Mark Wood
Joann Woodward
Janet Wright

Robert Lyn Nelson - "Carmel Beach Otter"
Don O'Neill - "Old San Jacinto Farmhouse"
Donal C. Jolley - "T-Truck Cooley's Ranch"
Oil painting of a church at the end of a dark street
Anders Aldrin - "Norwegian Church"
Artist: David Benedetti - Back to Reality