2022 Ontario Festival of the Arts

2022 Ontario Festival of the Arts

October 15, 2022 – 10 am to 5 pm

Ontario Arts District - 217 S. Lemon Ave., Ontario

The Ontario Festival of Arts is back for 2022, on Saturday, October 15 from 10 am to 5 pm

The one-day event provides an opportunity for everyone who appreciates the value art brings to everyday life to meet and talk to local artists and to buy art while enjoying the swinging sounds of a four-person music combo.

Food trucks and a beer garden will be available, and both the Ontario Museum of History & Art and the Chaffey Community Museum of Art will be open for visitors.

What To Expect

For Festival Visitors

  • Festival emphasis. The 2022 festival aims to bring artists and art buyers together in a comfortable and pleasant venue. Artist booths will be organized to encourage browsing and conversations between artists and festival visitors.
  • Performing arts. The swinging sounds of a four-person instrumental combo will provide low-key background music in the food and beverage area during the festival.
  • Festival grounds. The festival will be held in the Arts District (the campuses of the Ontario Museum of History & Art and the Chaffey Community Museum of Art). Festival grounds will have a secure perimeter.
  • Food and beverage. Popular food trucks and Strum Brewing Company return. Picnic tables will be near the food trucks.
  • Festival hours. The festival ends at 5 pm, while it is still daylight.

For Festival Artists

  • Artist booths. A 10×10 booth remains $75 and artists retain 100% of sales. Artist parking is across Transit Street from the festival grounds. The Chaffey High School Navy Junior ROTC students will help move items during setup and take down.
  • Festival marketing. Full print and social meeting marketing activities remain. There will be festival-sponsored targeted marketing to individuals, businesses and organizations known to support visual artists. A social media kit for artists will be available, as well as provided printed materials.